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Project Description
Grundy is a license management suite which will eventually grow to accommodate the most used features of SafeNet Sentinel and Flexera FlexLm suites.

Grundy is a software licenses/entitlements management suite. It allows you to manage the end to end software licensing needs of your application.
The suite consists of three major components, an Entitlements Management Server, a License Server and a License Client.

Entitlements Management Server
The Entitlements Management Server allows you to define features and products which you would like to use in your software. You can then define customers and assign licenses to these customers.

Grundy's Entitlements Management Server

License Server
The License Server hosts floating licenses (network licenses) which your software can check out in case you want to use per seat / per use licensing.

License Client
The License Client allows you to checkout, checkin and query the availability of licenses installed on the License Server or checkout local licenses in case you are using node locked (per machine) licenses.

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